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Reclamation & Environmental Protection Bonds

We write all types of Reclamation and Environmental Protection Bonds, including difficult or unique performance bonds. Contact us to get your bond placed today!

Land Reclamation Bonds

Land Reclamation Bonds guarantee restoration of a site to its original condition after operations are ceased. This bond is also used for indefinite right-of- way guarantees on publicly or association owned land. The indefinite duration of these bonds and an often-difficult release process requires a specialist in hard to place bonds.

Land Closure/Post-Closure Bonds

Waste industry, mining operations, sand/gravel pits, and rock quarry operators are required to provide long-term, difficult to cancel assurances that the site will be restored and then maintained to certain standards, often for a period of years after the site has been closed.

Environmental Remediation Bonds & Contracts

Permits to handle chemical or other hazardous waste products or bonds to guarantee performance on any type of remediation contracts. Bonds are necessary whenever environmental remediation is required by the government. This includes removal of contaminants in soil, sediment ground or surface water or a combination of these.

Oil and Gas Well Plugging and Exploration Bonds

Oil well and gas producers are required to guarantee the wells will be closed properly and maintained to certain standards when they are abandoned.

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