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Popular Commercial Bonds

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License and Permit Bonds

Federal, state and local laws require many occupations/professions/businesses to obtain License and Permit Bonds​ as a prerequisite to receiving a license or permit to engage in certain business activities.

License and Permit Bonds ​guarantee to government bodies/general public that the business owner/professional (aka the principal) will comply with the underlying statue, state law, municipal ordinance or regulation. If the principal fails to fulfill these obligations, L&P Bonds protect government bodies/general public from the resulting financial loss, health & safety issues, payment of taxes…

L&P Bonds ​allow for the enforcement of standards of conduct for businesspersons or professionals.

There’s an endless amount of L&P Bonds. Below are the ones we see the most:

Auto Dealer / Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

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Guarantee that the dealer will deliver a clear title to the vehicle and will not engage in fraudulent acts. These bonds protect the public from any losses caused by fraudulent acts, violations, or misrepresentations by the dealer or its sales force.

Contractor License Bonds

Guarantee that a contractor will operate their business in accordance with local or state government requirements.

Non-Resident Contractor License Bonds

Guarantee that the non-resident contractor will comply with local codes, file the required tax forms and pay tax associated with the contract performed.

Tax Bonds

Guarantee that a business will properly account for and remit taxes or fees collected. The most frequent examples are tobacco, liquor, fuel, and sales tax bonds.

Reclamation & Environmental Protection Bonds

Guarantees that land which has been disturbed from mining, drilling and exploration operations is reclaimed to a condition as close as possible to the condition it was in before those operations occurred.

  • Reclamation, Mining and Removal Bonds
  • Land Closure Bonds
  • Oil & Gas Well Drilling, Plugging and Exploration Bonds

Right of Way Bonds

Guarantee the terms of a permit in granting a developer, property owner or contractor the ability to work in a right of way or easement.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Governments, private relationships and unique business needs often require the support of surety bonds which are not easily classified aka Miscellaneous Bonds. Do you have an unusual bond request? We can help!

Wage and Welfare Bonds / Union Bonds

Guarantees the payment of wages and/or benefits as required by a Union.

Workers Compensation / Self-Insured Bonds

Employers that self-insure Workers Compensation can purchase these bonds to satisfy Work Comp laws. These bonds guarantees payment of benefits to employees (or their dependents) if injured on the job.

Public Official Bonds

Guarantees the honestly and/or faithful performance of all official duties conducted by public officials.

Fidelity Bonds

Provide protection to businesses from losses caused by dishonest employees.

Notary Bonds

Guarantees a notary will complete all tasks ethically and in the boundaries of the law. If a notary fails to perform his or her duties, a claim can be made by the state and those affected by the notary’s actions. Learn more about the getting a notary bond for the state of Missouri.

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